All Vehicle Storage 4 U services include heavy equipment, tractor trailers, RVs, automobiles, boats and More!

All Vehicle Storage 4 U services include parking for RVs, tractor trailer 18-Wheelers, industrial, construction, commercial, heavy equipment, automotive car vehicle, and boats.

Vehicle Storage Services

All Vehicle Storage 4 U parking has space for heavy industrial equipment including back hoes, tractors trailer 18-Wheelers, cranes, and forklifts. All Vehicle Storage 4 U provides private vehicle storagelike boats, RVs, automobiles and commercial vehicle storage. Commercial includes tractor/trailers and heavy machinery for construction. Private vehicle storage includes boats, RVs, personal automobile cars, and buses. What ever your vehicle storage needs we can accommodate! Call us today at 1(510)912-5550 or fill out our online form. See below for descriptions and images of vehicle's most commonly stored.

RVs and Buses

RV and bus storage parking is available at a limited number due to limited parking for large vehicles. Keep your RV and bus safe at All Vehicle Storage 4 U in San Leandro California.


Boats on trailer can be parked. Covering the boat is recommended to prevent any sun damage. Tents are available at extra charge to protect your boat from sun and water damage.

Tractor Trailer 18-Wheelers

Tractor trailor trucks or otherwise known as 18-wheelers have reserved parking at All Vehicle Storage 4 U. Construction and agricultural equipment such as back hoes and dump trucks can be stored in labeled parking space. All Vehicle Storage also has a separate lot if the tractor trailer is a over sized load.

Automobile Cars

Automobile cars are the most commonly found vehicle in our storage parking lots. Tents are available at extra charge and request to prevent sun and weather damage to the car. We provide car storage at a affordable rate.

Commercial Industrial Heavy Equipment

Commercial companies that use, rent or own industrial heavy equipment need a place to store them. All Vehicle Storage 4 U is an ideal area to store and access your equipment as needed. Depending on size of equipment more than one may fit in a single spot. Covered spots with tents are available at extra charge and request.